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Album of the Month – Don’t Say No

Nashville, TN, United States / 93.3 Classic Hits

Standing as Billy Squier’s biggest career album is Don’t Say No”. The album was released on April 13, 1981 and included four hit songs of Squier’s including; “In the Dark”, “Lonely Is The Night”, “My Kinda Lover” and “The Stroke”. “Don’t Say No” hit the top five on the Billboard album chart and remained on that chart for over 111 weeks!


Singles Released from the Album:
1. “The Stroke” Released: May 1981
2. “In the Dark” Released: August 1981
3. “My Kinda Lover” Released: November 1981


Being the first single on the album, “The Stroke”, it hit the charts on the Billboard Hot 100 reaching No. 17 AND got an even bigger hit on the radio hitting the charts with No. 3. Not only did all of his hit songs increase his popularity but with Billy’s many videos on the brand-new channel known as MTV it made his videos a staple for the channel.

After 3 months of being released, the album “Don’t Say No” was certified Gold by the RIAA for over 500,000 sales in July of that year, oh and it hit Platinum just two months later! Now although Multi-Platinum awards weren’t certified before 1984, the album by Billy Squier received Triple-Platinum just 11 years later with sales over 3 million US copies.



Tracklist of “Don’t Say No” :

(All Songs written  by Billy Squier)

Side One:

  1. In the Dark
  2. The Stroke
  3. My Kind Of Lover
  4. You Know What I Like
  5. Too Daze Gone

Side Two:

  1. Lonely Is The Night
  2. Whadda You Want From Me
  3. Nobody Knows
  4. I Need You
  5. Don’t Say No


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