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Album of the Week – 38 Special

Nashville, TN, United States / 93.3 Classic Hits

The 1st album out of the 12 studio albums that were released. The album ’38 Special’ was released in 1977 from A&M Records. The album itself released two singles ‘Long Time Gone’ and ‘Tell Everybody’, but neither of the songs charted to the Billboard Hot 100. The album was on the Pop Charts but unfortunately did not make it to the Top 100’s but was just below the position of 148.

The album was produced by Dan Hartman and was mastered at Sterling Sound in New York City.

The southern rock group, 38 Special, consisted of Donnie Van Zant (brother of Ronnie Van Zant), Don Barnes, Jeff Carlisi, Larry Junstrom, Jack Grondin, Steve Brookins.

With ’38 special’ not being one of the biggest albums they had through over 30 years of being together, the band did release multiple hit songs including ‘Rockin’ into the Night’ and ‘Hold on Loosely’ with the ‘Wild Eyed Southern Boys’ album being in the Top 20 of the Pop Albums in 1981. The ’38 Special’ album helped the band land it’s feet into the southern rock genre.

Song List:

  1. Long Time Gone (Barnes, Carlisi, Lyons, Van Zant)
  2. Fly Away (Barnes, Carlisi, Lyons, Van Zant)
  3. Around and Around (Berry)
  4. Play a Simple Song (Carlisi, Van Zant)
  5. Gypsy Belle (Barnes, Carlisi, Van Zant)
  6. Four Wheel (Barnes, Carlisi, Van Zant)
  7. Tell Everybody (Barnes, Van Zant)
  8. Just Hang On (Barnes, Carlisi, Van Zant)
  9. I Just Wanna Rock & Roll (Barnes, Van Zant, Carlisi)


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