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Prince’s Pet Doves Still Mourning

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Prince’s pet doves, Majesty and Divinity, have reportedly continued to mourn since his passing in late April.

Yesterday, The Today Show’s Al Roker took a tour of Prince’s home in Minneapolis called Paisley Park that will soon open to the public as a museum. Roker interviewed Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, following the tour and asked her if she could still feel Prince’s presence as she walked throughout his home.

“Oh, definitely,” she relied, “Any time you look at his clothes or shoes or hear a song – sometimes they’ll play music in here – and then of course, the doves.”

The two pet doves were living at Paisley Park and actually have “ambient singing” credits on Prince’s album, “One Night Alone.” It has been reported that Majesty and Divinity can often be heard singing throughout the house, but kept silent when Prince did not return home.

“If they’re quiet, it doesn’t feel the same,” Nelson said. “After he passed, they weren’t talking. When I first came in, I’m like, ‘Where’s the doves? What’s going on?'”

Majesty and Divinity have started singing again, but they have taken on a new tune. When Roker heard the doves during his tour of the home, he observed, “It’s literally doves crying right now.”


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